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Welcome to Memory Systems Lab

We are a group of computer architects in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. We work under the guidance of Prof. Moin Qureshi. Our goal is to architect and design memory, storage and computing systems of the future.

To this end, we work on improving the performance of current memory hierarchies with 3D Die-Stacked Memory and Non-Volatile Memory, designing resilient memory systems by enhancing their Reliability and Security, and even architecting Quantum Computer Systems of the future.

We are located in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech. We also interact and work with other excellent groups in the building, who also work on a diverse set of areas like computer architecture, operating systems, and security.

Check out our projects and reach out to us if you find anything interesting!

Our research is funded by the generous support from Intel, NSF, SRC and Microsoft.


24. February 2019

Check out Moin’s article on New Challenges in New Memories in IEEE Micro's Jan/Feb-19 issue!

16. February 2019

Swamit’s paper on Variability-Aware Compiler Policies for Quantum Computers is accepted at ASPLOS-2019!

12. February 2019

Swamit and Poulami's paper on Superconducting Accelerators is now available on arXiv!

28. January 2019

Sanjay's paper on Adversarial ML is now available on arXiv!

25. January 2018

Vinson and Sanjay's paper on Memory Compression is accepted at HPCA-2019!

15. January 2019

Gururaj's paper Synergy receives an Honorable Mention in IEEE Micro Top Picks 2019!

6. November 2018

Vinson and Sanjay's paper on Memory Compression is accepted at HPCA-2019!

24. October 2018

Moin's paper CEASER wins the Best Paper Award at MICRO-2018!

2. October 2018

Swamit successfully completes his PhD Proposal, moving closer to graduation!

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