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Welcome to Memory Systems Lab

We are a research group in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech working under the guidance of Prof. Moin Qureshi. We design & architect future computing systems, with a current focus on quantum computing, secure hardware and robust artificial intelligence.

Check out our projects and reach out to us if you find anything interesting!

We are located in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech. We also interact with other excellent groups in the building working on diverse areas like computer architecture, security and machine learning.

Our research is funded by the generous support from Intel, Facebook and SRC.


1 October 2023

Suhas' paper on Adaptive Leakage Suppression for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing, ERASER, accepted at MICRO'23!

1 July 2023

Ali's paper on Low-Cost Secure Memories, SecDDR, received Best Paper Award at DSN'23!

30 June 2023

Three papers selected for inclusion in ISCA@50 25-Year Retrospective (1996-2020): Cache Attacks and Defenses - CEASER-S (2019), Scalable High Performance PCM Architecture (2009), and Adaptive Insertion Policies for Caching (2007).

1 May 2023

Sanjay's paper on Breaking Aggregation-Based Privacy in Federated Learning, Cocktail Party Attack, accepted at ICML'23!

30 April 2023

Anish's paper on Integrity-Protected Page-Tables, PT-Guard, and Ali's paper on Low-Cost Secure Memories, SecDDR, accepted at DSN'23!

15 April 2023

Suhas' paper on Accurate Quantum Error-Decoding, Astrea, accepted at ISCA'23!

27 February 2023

We were excited to read the HPCA'23 paper which claims to break MIRAGE. Unfortunately, their work has two bugs: (1) buggy cipher that doesn't randomize properly and (2) starting from a broken cache state. After fixing the bugs, we observe no set-conflicts. More information in our analysis.

15 December 2022

Ramin's paper on Boosting Fidelity of QAOA, FrozenQubits, accepted at ASPLOS'23!

7 December 2022

Poulami's paper on Robust Gate Selection for NISQ, The Imitation Game, accepted at HPCA'23!

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