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Group Members

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Moinuddin Qureshi

Professor & Lab Director
email: moin@gatech.edu

  • Ph.D. 2007 University of Texas at Austin
  • Previously Research Staff Member at IBM Research, New York

Gururaj Saileshwar

PhD Student, joined August 2016
email: gururaj.s@gatech.edu

  • B.Tech and M.Tech 2014 Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India
  • Working on Architecting Secure Processors & Memory Systems

Sanjay Kariyappa

PhD Student, joined August 2017
email: sanjaykariyappa@gatech.edu

  • B.E. 2013 Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, India
  • M.S. 2015 Georgia Tech
  • Working on Robust Machine Learning

Poulami Das

PhD Student, joined August 2018
email: poulami@gatech.edu

  • B.Tech. 2012 National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India
  • M.S. 2016 University of Texas, Austin
  • Working on Architecting Quantum Computers


Prashant Nair

Graduated May 2017
email: pnair6@gatech.edu

  • Current employment - Assistant Prof, University of British Columbia - ECE.

Chia-Chen Chou

Graduated May 2017
email: cchou34@gatech.edu

  • First employment - Google TPU Team.

Jian Huang

Graduated August 2017
email: jianh@illinois.edu

  • First employment - Assistant Prof, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - ECE.

Mohammad Arjomand

Postdoc August 2018
email: mohammad.arjomand@ece.gatech.edu

  • First employment - Nvidia.

Vinson Young

Graduated August 2019
email: vyoung@gatech.edu

  • First employment - Microsoft.

Swamit Tannu

Graduated September 2020
email: swamit@gatech.edu

  • First employment - Assistant Prof, University of Wisconsin, Madison - CS.