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6. November 2018
Vinson and Sanjay’s paper on Memory Compression is accepted at HPCA-2019!

24. October 2018
Moin’s paper CEASER wins the Best Paper Award at MICRO-2018!

2. October 2018
Swamit successfully completes his PhD Proposal, moving closer to graduation!

12. August 2018
Mohammad leaves for Nvidia, we wish him well!

20. August 2018
Poulami joins our group as a new PhD student!

15. August 2018
Moin is promoted to a full Professor. Congratulations!

18. July 2018
Gururaj’s paper Morphable Counters and Moin’s paper CEASER are accepted at MICRO-2018!

20. March 2018
Vinson’s paper ACCORD is accepted at ISCA-2018!

19. October 2017
Gururaj’s paper Synergy is accepted at HPCA-2018 .

18. October 2017
Swamit presented his paper Taming the instruction bandwidth of quantum computers at MICRO-2017 .

4. October 2017
Swamit won the Best Presentation Award for his talk at Memsys’17

5. August 2017
We congratulate Dr. Jian - the newest PhD graduate from our group!

1. August 2017
Sanjay joins our small group as a new PhD student!

25. June 2017
Vinson won 2nd place at The 2nd Cache Replacement Championship held at ISCA-2018.

5. May 2017
We congratulate Dr. Prashant and Dr. Chia-Chen, the first PhD graduates from our group.

1. April 2017
Mohammad joins our group as a Post-Doc!